Sunday, 22 October 2017

Storm chasing

Well the plan was to go back to Epsom race course and catch some cloud movement over the grandstand. So i was gutted to pull up just as a huge storm covered the sky in moody grey cloud and persuaded me not to get out of the car. So where to go? I decided back to Ranmore to photograph the lych gate at St Barnabas. It gets harder to find churches that aren't flood lit these days but this is one that stays nice and dark. So 70 second exposures and see what happens.

St Barnabas lych gate
c 1859

104 sec @ f22 iso 320

73.0 sec @ f22 iso 320

72.0 sec @ f22 iso 320

All taken with a canon 5d and a 17-40mm f4 at 17mm and me running about with a torch filling in the blanks on the lych gate.

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