Friday, 21 March 2014

Slowly but Surely

Well it seems that spring migration is slowly starting. Its still early in the year, but already the list of birds coming through the farm is starting to build. Recent sightings of Raven, Goshawk and Grey Partridge ares certainly helping. The supporting cast are also slowly revealing that they are around. Blackcaps and Chiffies are in full song. Yesterday a small number of Sand Martin passed through and today 3 Wheatear were on the mound. Im sure this weekend will bring a few more year ticks and who knows what else..

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The first Wheatear

It had to happen at sometime this week and today was the day. A quick circuit of the mound this morning revealed nothing of any note and it was only while scanning 4 gorgeous pied wagtails that this birdie popped up for a look. Walked back over with Frank and Roy to relocate it and take some snaps..

Monday, 10 March 2014

Gosh Hawk

Whilst at the farm on Friday with the Frankstar all the gulls and corvids went berserk and flew up from the mound. This was made stranger by the ducks swimming to the near shore, something big was obviously coming into the farm. A scan of the north east revealed what i originally called as a buzzard. ( i know, schoolboy error ) As the bird was flying in only a side profile was viewable, but then, oh my, then the bird turned in the air revealing its true shape and identity!!! It then started to fly south on massive wings with a flap, flap, flap, glide action..... This couldn't be, having only just had one in August and the last record before that was 1960!! As it flew through the clouds the camera kept loosing focus which isn't surprising as the bird was so high. But eventually i managed to persuade the camera to focus and these are some of the shots - ok, i know I'm not going to win any awards but hey.....

Check out the depth of those wings

That head protrudes so far

Looks like it has just eaten a buzzard

And some pics of last years one - once again, so high its almost unfair

Monday, 3 March 2014

Something strange at the farm

A quiet day at the farm today. It soon became apparent though that the Black headed Gulls were having a field day collecting sticklebacks from the surface of the water. Im hoping it isn't a major pollution incident at the farm, but we counted 100+ fish within a few hours being consumed.

 Okay so this is badly framed and out of focus, but the swan just popped his head up in front of the lens