Monday, 30 October 2017

Away to the coast

So a long weekend comes to an end. Staying at the Haven in Caister, just up the coast from Great Yarmouth which is a Martin Parr kinda town i feel. The beach right next to the camp showed close views of a seal in what can only be described as a force 40000 gale!!! The camera fell over twice and it was almost impossible to get a sharp image as the wind blew dogs and dog walkers past at an alarming rate. A quick trip to Sheringham amazed me with a walk by flock of Turnstones actually on the main road - follow this with Brent Geese, Gannets, Little Gulls, Knot, Curlew, Lapwings in flooded fields ( i thought that was a long gone tradition ) and it almost restored hope.

Caister Beach

These are the gates to the camp site from the beach
Apparently it has a Little Tern colony during the Summer

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