Wednesday, 2 September 2015


With my arm having gone into full retard mode and its a struggle to work at the mo i decide a midweek visit to the farm was well in order. I couldn't take the normal camera set up and had to settle for the 300mm jobbie. Even still i forgot the converter. With news that pied flycatchers have decide to occupy every part of the country i went with high hopes of finding the odd flycatcher or two. Bumped into swifty and he had had a spot fly by the hide so i decided to have a wander around 100 acre. There were two spotflys fighting over one tree when i got there. The fighting only stopped when a hobby kept buzzing the tree they were in. One spot fly obviously won as the over fecked off across to the railway track trees. The hobby whilst showing its amazing aerial ability almost lost out to a peg which passed so close to me that i could hear the wind as it went in for the attack!!!! It try to snatch the hobby from the sky above the lake but missed, the hobby much to my amazement then turned mid air and appeared to kick the peg in the head - amazing. The hobby kept me amazed for the next couple of hours with small interruptions made by a cuckoo ( possibly 2 for the day ) as it would fly around 100 acre being mobbed by crows.

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