Monday, 3 November 2014

3rd November 2014

Lesson learnt!!

Sitting in the hide today and Frankie picked up a Short Eared Owl high to the East. With the rain starting to pour down it was obvious that this owl wasnt going to leave and was looking for a place to land. The corvids and gull did their usual job of trying to scare the bird off ( this is why owls don't settle ). I made the decision to leg it onto the mound incase it went down on the top. Eventually the owl flew past at head height and within spitting distance, but being a twat i had set the camera up and with the rain pouring down the light levels were shocking. So firing away at 160th of a second proved costly in regards to the photo quality.. Its Normally at this point when a photographer would say " This is a record shot ", but alas this was just bad practice on my part lol.

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